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Bin There Dump That is your local Residential Friendly dumpster rental service. We have various sized dumpsters that will accommodate the waste disposal of all your home projects. Our Dumpster Consultants are available now to help you find a solution to your dumpster need. Pricing & Sizing

Convenient Dumpster Rentals in Lemay Missouri From Bin There Dump That 

While Lemay may not be the largest community in the greater St. Louis area, it is one of the more dynamic communities with a strong business foundation. America’s entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well and Bin There Dump That takes pride in being a small piece of the puzzle. We provide a residential dumpster rental service in the area with a focus on homeowners and contractors doing home projects.

Sweeping Up So You Don’t Have To Worry About It

Some of the things we appreciate the most are the simple little things we do to help. That’s one of the reasons our Dumpster Delivery Experts take the extra time to clean up before they remove the dumpster from your driveway. They’ll sweep up any leftover debris around your rented dumpster before loading it on the truck to take away. It only takes them a couple of minutes, but we’ve found our customers appreciate the effort.

Ask About Our Walk-in Double Doors

Another part of our service that’s popular with clients are the Walk-in double doors on our bins. The reason this style of dumpster is in such high demand is that they make a home improvement project just a little bit easier. Instead of lifting heavy items over your head to throw them into one of our larger containers, like the 20 yarder, you can walk those heavy items in through the doors on your rented dumpster. We find they help to prevent injury and overexertion.

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Dumpster Delivery in Less Than 24 Hours

We’re always looking for feedback from our clients both positive and negative - it’s the best way to keep improving on our service. One thing we hear a lot is that our customers love the fact that they can have a dumpster delivered to them in 24 hours or less. We know the last thing you want to hear when you’re ready to get started on a new project is that you’ll have to wait a few days for a dumpster to be delivered to you. If you need it, we can usually arrange for same-day delivery.

Call our Dumpster Consultants at (314) 395-9797 or request your bin online.

I bought a new mattress, can I throw my old one in the dumpster?

If you’ve bought a new mattress and want to get rid of the old one you can throw it in a rented dumpster in many communities. Regulations can change though so be sure to ask our Dumpster Consultants when you rent the dumpster if it is still okay to do so.

What does a 10-yard dumpster look like?

A 10-yard dumpster rented from Bin There Dump That is 10’ by 7’ by 4’ which is close to the width of an average car and a little bit shorter in length. If you have a double car wide driveway you’ll be able to easily park a car next to it while you work. In relative terms of pickup truck loads, the capacity of the bin is 4 pickup truck loads.

How do I know what dumpster is the right size for me?

Every project us a little bit different so there isn’t one size that makes sense for every job. If you’re clearing out a garage a 14 or 20-yard dumpster should work well. If you’re installing a new roof or taking on a major renovation, you’ll probably need a 10-yard dumpster for all of the waste material that will be generated.

Discover which dumpster is right for your home project

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Lemay Tourist Guide

There’s a new adventure around every corner in Lemay. Once that spring cleaning job is complete here are some of our favorite spots you might want to explore.

Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the world in miniature then the Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis is the adventure you’ve been looking for. The building is packed full of miniature recreations of historic buildings, majestic homes and everyday places like the local garage. It’s a place both parents and children will enjoy together.

Concord Bowl and Recreation

There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition between friends and family. One of the best ways to satisfy that craving in the Lemay area is at Concord Bowl and Recreation. They have top-notch bowling lanes, mini-golf and batting cages as well. There’s something for everyone.

River City Casino & Hotel

When it’s time to try you luck the place to do it in Lemay is the River City Casino & Hotel. It’s a huge facility with all of your favorite casino games. If you’re looking for a little more they have great entertainment venues as well where you can take in a great concert or experience an eye-catching show.

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